Rent To Own

Hassle free. No early pay off fee.

An Ideal Option


Rent to own is the ideal option for those who need extra storage space but are short on cash. Thousands of satisfied customers have used this program to get the building of their choice. For nearly the same price as a fixed storage unit you can enjoy the convenience of having a storage unit in your home or business.

Best of all, there’s no early pay off fee and at the end of the agreement the building is all yours.

Our hassle-free rent-to-own program requires no credit check. Get started with only first and last month’s rent down. This requires no long-term contract and one-month agreements may be terminated at any time. Our rent-to-own is strictly a rental with the option to purchase.

Choose to rent from two to four years and then own the building for a lifetime.

Pre-Qualify for Rent-to-Own